Black Paw Ventures is a startup foundry focused on emerging markets.

We help build and/or support startup teams, based in developing countries in Asia and Africa. We are focused exclusively on mobile-phone apps for people in developing countries, which we call "boundary users". These are the 1 billion or so people who have just recently started using a smartphone as their first computing device in their life, or will soon start to. These new users are fundamentally different from the world's first 2 billion smartphone users: their metaphors, associations, (lack of) previous experience with technology, Internet access patterns, language skills and income levels, require radically different thinking about application design even for the most mundane and well established app verticals.

We are interested in projects that have the potential, if successful, to scale to the 100+ developing countries globally, and that could potentially be used by hundreds of millions of users. We are focused on helping create for-profit technology startups, but we also need to be convinced that each of our projects has a positive impact on society.